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Re: prevention

Subject: Re: prevention
Author: Keely
Date: 7/23/2003 4:20 pm
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I'm in San Jose, California, where poison oak is pretty prevalent. I was checking out this site because last weekend I was hiking in the Angeles National Forest in southern California and saw lots of stuff along a river that I thought might be poison ivy. Having never seen it before, I just stayed away.

Moving on... about prevention. There is this stuff called IVY BLOCK which you put on before exposure. The bottle has more detail, but after applying it, it dries to a whitish residue (nothing too noticeable). Once you're done tromping through whatever you think might be poison ivy (or oak), use another product called TECHNU. You basically rub it into your skin and wait a few minutes. Then, wipe if off with a damp rag. Since using this stuff, I've avoided every potential case of poison oak, while having been exposed to many.

Good luck to you!

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