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Re: poison ivy swimming/sun

Subject: Re: poison ivy swimming/sun
Author: Betsy D.
Date: 7/28/2003 4:14 pm
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Hi Becky -

Sorry if this post seems disjoint - I'm on an unfamiliar terminal and unfamiliar web browser - ARGH! Anyway, to your question. The rash attributed to contact with the poison ivy plant can actually take a couple days to fully "break out". There are a number of factors involved including the amount of urushiol oil in contact on the skin site, the sensitivity to the oil, the thickness of the skin, how well or quickly the oil was removed from the skin (any that hadn't bonded that is), and if there are any recontamination incidents. Add to all of this is that you could make the rash spread by stress or scratching. Sweating can cause its own issues including prickly heat and / or hives. If you do a search on this message board for prickly heat or hives, you'll find some responses I posted earlier with reference links to more information.

So it may be that you are seeing hives or other similar rash. If you are concerned about this rash, you should see your doctor.

poison ivy swimming/sun (Approved)becky7/21/2003 12:41 pm
  Re: poison ivy swimming/sun (Approved)Betsy D.7/28/2003 4:14 pm