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Re: PI in forest?

Subject: Re: PI in forest?
Author: Bill
Date: 7/28/2003 7:45 pm
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Hi. Thanks for the info. Definitely not skunkbush. After looking closely today I believe it is some sort of wild berry, although the stalks do not have any hairs or thorns. I'll check for flowers and berries later in the season. I'll upload some pics in a few weeks. I'm sure you or someone else will be familiar with it.

Great site. I'm currently on my second dose of p.i. this summer. Never had it before but I've been doing field work for my masters degree this summer.


PI in forest? (Approved)Bill7/24/2003 9:32 am
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    Re: PI in forest? (Approved)Bill7/28/2003 7:45 pm