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Losing sleep from itchy foot

Subject: Losing sleep from itchy foot
Author: Jesse
Date: 10/12/2004 1:09 am
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August was a long itchy month. I got poison sumac on my feet and ankle. (1st time ever) The left being the worse. It itched, oozed, swelled to the point of me trying to keep it elevated. Pure misery! I used benatryl Gel which did actually help finally. I would say it took about 3 weeks. I had about 10days of peace and noticed it starting again. This time I used an herbal product which did prevent the outbreak from happening again. However, I am still so very itchy on the bottom of my foot and sides of my foot. YOu really cannot see anything until I take a hot bath or start itching, then you can see somewhat of little red dots and redness (of course, worse from me itching). I was thinking I had foot fungus and not a residual of sumac so I bought some antifungal cream and have used it the last 2 days. Yikes! This is still keeping me up. That is why I am requesting help at 130am eastern time. It is again keeping me up. Any advise would be greatly appreciated it. Should I try another product for Sumac and stop the fungal cream? Is this normal that I should be having a left over problem after 2 months? Thanks so much for any advise.

Losing sleep from itchy foot (Approved)Jesse10/12/2004 1:09 am
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