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Sumactin - Miracle Cure?

Subject: Sumactin - Miracle Cure?
Author: Craig
Date: 10/17/2004 3:11 pm
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I came down with the worst PI rash I have ever had 6 days ago. I found a website called www.sumactin.com There product claims to remove the PI rash in 72hours. I am at exactly 73 hours using the product now, total of 6 days with the rash. The 3 days prior I was using a bit of everything...

The rash still exists, however it is substantially better. It is basically down to a few remaining blisters and scars. I do beleive that product, Sumactin, worked very well. I would recommend trying it.

My complaints about that product are:
1) I purchased the "family size package" - being as how my rash covered both arms, hands, back, and stomach... I have just enough to do 1 or 2 more applications left. (so order enough if you do order.)
2) It did not do well at releiving the itching and burning - It did do some, but I did use a small amount of Oaks N Ivy brand CalaGel to take away the severe itching.
3) The cost, it was fairly expensive. However, for the amount of discomfort I was in - it was worth it to get rid of the rash.

I am impressed with how quickly this product worked, even though it is not completly gone in 72hours. The last few times I had P.I it lasted well over 3 weeks, and those were 'small' compared to this last incident...

Hope this info can help you out. I would be curious to hear any one elses experience with this product.

Sumactin - Miracle Cure? (Approved)Craig10/17/2004 3:11 pm
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