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Please explain the "oil"

Subject: Please explain the "oil"
Author: Poison Ivy Mama
Date: 10/21/2004 11:29 pm
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Hi folks..boy, I have sure learned a lot about PI in the past few days! About 2 weeks ago I noticed the small bumps on my arm. They got really itchy and did the Calomine lotion deal. BUT, the small bumps began to appear on my belly, waist, and legs. I also have a newborn and am breast-feeding. For this reason my DR gave me a steroid cream, not a shot. (I am paranoid this little thing will get infected). What I need to know is, what exactly is the "oil"? Is that the stuff that comes off the plant? Not the same stuff that oozes out of the blister?

Please explain the "oil" (Approved)Poison Ivy Mama10/21/2004 11:29 pm
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