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Re: Cleaning Things w/ PI

Subject: Re: Cleaning Things w/ PI
Author: Keven A.
Date: 10/29/2004 3:13 pm
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I agree with the Tecnu post. I buy the 32 oz size bottle at www.gemplers.com I use it for soaking my gloves in and wiping some of my tools. I have used Tecnu for 8 years and it is awesome. I should ask, "You do know that you can use it on your skin as well?" I've never used the Fells Nafta-sp soap but have heard of it. Good luck!

Cleaning Things w/ PI (Approved)Dave10/28/2004 7:55 pm
  Re: Cleaning Things w/ PI (Approved)ck10/29/2004 11:22 am
    Re: Cleaning Things w/ PI (Approved)Keven A.10/29/2004 3:13 pm