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Re: Sumactin - Miracle Cure?

Subject: Re: Sumactin - Miracle Cure?
Author: Craig
Date: 11/2/2004 11:16 am
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I think Sumactin can only be ordered online or over the phone.
It is 39.95 for a 4oz bottle or 2 4oz bottles for 62.95
I used 2 4oz bottles for an intense rash up and down my arms, back, and stomach.
The bottle ingredients read: "Jewelweed, Aloe, Plantain, Soapwort, and Herbel Blend." It has a pump spray and you just spray it on -
I like the pricing on IvyStat - I may have to pick some up and try that next time I get it (hopefully never again, but I am afraid it is just a matter of time before I get it again...) Do most drug stores carry IvyStat?

Sumactin - Miracle Cure? (Approved)Craig10/17/2004 3:11 pm
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    Re: Sumactin - Miracle Cure? (Approved)Craig11/2/2004 11:16 am