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poision oak a thick vine???

Subject: poision oak a thick vine???
Author: Rebecca
Date: 11/8/2004 10:53 am
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My boyfriend broke out with bumps on his arms the other day after woking on his dads farm tearing down an old building. The others got a few bumps but nothing too bad. His, on the other hand, keeps getting worse and worse. In the bend of his elbow there is a pretty good size "rash" and little "rashes" and bumps everywhere else on his arms. And it keeps spreading. There was a vine on the building that he was handling that resembled the thick hairy vine that poison ivy can be, that is often found growing up trees and stuff. But he has never been allergic to poison ivy that bad before. He is around it often and never has such a bad outbrake. Also, these bumps are hard, they are not "oozing" at all! They just itch him like crazy! I'm wondering if the vine coudl have been poison oak or something else (since he's not allergic to poison ivy). Or possibly there were other plants aroudn that he is allergic too. I would love any answers and help finding out what the culprit was, and any rememdies! Thanks!

poision oak a thick vine??? (Approved)Rebecca11/8/2004 10:53 am
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