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if it cant be spread

Subject: if it cant be spread
Author: cgr2605
Date: 11/10/2004 10:24 pm
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i read the passage and it said it couldnt be spread person to person by oozing or coming in contact with the fluids from the blisters however we encounterd a problem where a whole football team got infected with it because i had it and lifted weights and sweat on the bench now the next kid came and used the same bench and that night ended up with it and this wasnt just one person 4-5 people were infected and i had it for 24 hours before that any answer would be helpfull????

if it cant be spread (Approved)cgr260511/10/2004 10:24 pm
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  Re: if it cant be spread (Approved)goefer11/17/2004 10:47 pm