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Is this poison oak?

Subject: Is this poison oak?
Author: shannon
Date: 12/4/2004 10:30 am
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I know there is poison oak in my horse's pasture. I've noticed a little in the summer time. But now, in the winter, when I was working in the pasture, I got poison oak. There are red single sticks popping out of the ground in a bunch of places. These sticks have tiny red dead "berries" on them--no leaves. I've done a lot of research on the web but haven't found poison oak described like this, especially the red part--they all say they look like grey or brown sticks coming out of the ground. If they ARE the culprit, I'm totally shocked at how many there are! Yikes! I'm scared to death to start pulling them, and obviously I can't use RoundUp in my horse's area.

Thanks for any help! I love this site!

Is this poison oak? (Approved)shannon12/4/2004 10:30 am
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