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Swelling from poison ivy

Subject: Swelling from poison ivy
Author: Becky
Date: 12/4/2004 11:07 pm
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I got into some poison ivy/oak last saturday and went to the doc on monday for the cordisone shot and prescript for the prednisone and am also taking Benedryl. Hot showers have helped soooooo tremendously, however my arm has swollen up so much, it looks like a sausage roll! I have had to take off my jewlery and it looks like a 3rd degree burn. On top of the Benedryl, I have been using the caldryl gel. Is it possible for the gel to work against the Benedryl? Sure hate having to go back to the docs for more shots, but after reading some of these messeges, I might have to.

Thanks for any help or suggestions!!

Swelling from poison ivy (Approved)Becky12/4/2004 11:07 pm
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