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Re: Systemic Infection

Subject: Re: Systemic Infection
Author: Itchy in CA
Date: 12/7/2004 6:19 pm
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YES, you can get a systemic reaction to poison oak and ivy if the oils enter your blood or lymph system. The best systemic reaction description I've read is in the Zanfel product literature:

- The rash appears in new areas without additional exposure after more than four days
- Breakouts over more than 30% of your body
- Swelling joints

Zanfel will work to treat the itch temporarily; steroids appear to be the only "cure" for systemic symptoms in the long run. Otherwise, systemic cases can last months.

Systemic Infection (Approved)Franc10/14/2004 9:31 am
  Re: Systemic Infection (Approved)Itchy in CA12/7/2004 6:19 pm