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Neck infection/ thyroid gland swelling

Subject: Neck infection/ thyroid gland swelling
Author: Mario
Date: 12/9/2004 1:28 am
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Dear specialist,

I am finally recovering from bad poison oak infection i caught doing yard work. To make long story short my neck was also infected. I noticed that now my thyroide gland on the side of my neck precisely were i had bad rash on is now swollen. Could my thyroide gland be swollen due to the severe rash i had from poison oak on my neck. Just wanted an opinion.. have you heard of this happening?? Please help, a little worried. Thank you!!

Neck infection/ thyroid gland (Approved)Mario12/9/2004 1:28 am
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    Re: Neck infection/ thyroid gl (Approved)Mario1/4/2005 7:45 am