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Re: New Exposure Experience

Subject: Re: New Exposure Experience
Author: Mario
Date: 12/13/2004 3:08 am
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Following this treat, i would like to mention christmas trees !
I live in a tropical country, for christmas we import the trees from Canada.
After years of buying our christmas tree for the hollydays, i got PI/PO for the first time.
This is the worst illness ihave gotten in my whole life!!
All my left side, stomach, chest and back got red and swollen, big water blisters erupted, quite a hard image for the viewer.
This is so rare in my country that first doctors thinked it was some sort of herpes.
All i remember is handling without a shirt on the tree for decoration, rubbing my uper body between the banches to insert the decorations and the next day the first water blisters appeared, it continued swelling for 3 days and now it seems stable.
i went to a general MD and she prescribed me with Dexametasona and Allercet, im a seeing the specialist "dermatologo" tomorrow, whish me luck !

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