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Re: No itch?

Subject: Re: No itch?
Author: Will B
Date: 1/3/2005 12:16 pm
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Yes it is very possible, I do a lot of work outdoors in the brush so I contract it quite frequently. If i take a few cold showers after work to get the oil off I usually still get it, but it isn't very bad and occasionally it doesn't itch. So it is possible, it also probably depends on how sensitive the person is to it. Keep an eye on him though becuase if it is spreading he is probably taking a few scratches, even though the oil is gone, scratching irritates the skin promoting spread. He may say that he isn't scratching, but I'd keep an eye on him just to be sure, after all I sneak in a few scratches once and a while as well!

No itch? (Approved)Cathy12/31/2004 10:13 am
  Re: No itch? (Approved)Will B1/3/2005 12:16 pm