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Re: Weeping Amber Ooze

Subject: Re: Weeping Amber Ooze
Author: Jennifer
Date: 4/10/2005 10:39 am
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I feel your pain. I was just searching the site to try to find out the same thing. Its all over my clothes bed sheets, everything!! I read that it was water, but when it dries it hardens so there has to be more to it. Although, since the rash, I have been more dehydrated. Is your infection the severe kind that is like a leathery burn, because that is what I have and it just will not stop with the waterworks!! Someone out there help us!!

Weeping Amber Ooze (Approved)Ryan2/4/2005 1:21 pm
  Re: Weeping Amber Ooze (Approved)Jennifer4/10/2005 10:39 am
    Re: Weeping Amber Ooze (Approved)Darrel6/3/2005 9:50 pm