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bad pwants

Subject: bad pwants
Author: cumalotalota
Date: 5/20/2005 9:25 pm
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Status: Approved
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i no like ickE plants and ther bad n ickE but my message is the person doing this thing is stupid and hes gya cuz yea he is and he should be gay with ur mom cuz thats aslo mine same with "joel" yea i was serois on that one but im not ne more cuz ur gay and im homofobiC ye thats right ur scary to me ya gaywad lol i got u goood
in the neighbor hooooood i live in a hood yea in poor yet were puuting an aditoin on our house aand its gay cuz im suppiesd to b3 doin my project but i kno wanna and im doin this isnstaed and im goin ta be reall good in bed tainght ur mom said to me when she paid me fr my services as a PIMP

bad pwants (Approved)cumalotalota5/20/2005 9:25 pm