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Hot water/air treatment

Subject: Hot water/air treatment
Author: Lia
Date: 7/19/2005 1:04 pm
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Please consider trying the hot water remedy for help with itching. You'll find many posts here about this. I found it to be the only thing that made a difference when I had a bad case of poison oak--relief from itching that lasted for hours.

Run hot water over the area, gradually increasing it til it's as hot as you can stand (don't burn yourself, of course). Run it for several minutes. It not only will help with the itching but will feel great. Hair dryers also work, again be careful not to overdue it and burn yourself.

General consensus seems to be to wait about three days after initial onset of rash (the theory is that hot water might cause the rash to spread in the initial phase). After that, it seems to be fine and just provides great relief.

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