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Re: skin drying out and splitting

Subject: Re: skin drying out and splitting
Author: Debbie
Date: 8/3/2005 0:09 am
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Hi Linda, I feel so sorry for you. Yes I have had that also but only on my arms. While your skin is healing it is still super sensitive and can itch from healing. You shouldn't take showers, take cool/lukewarm baths until your tender skin can tolerate the force of a shower. It would be in your favor to soak in the tub anyhow since your rash is widespread. Also, if your blisters have dried up, now is the time to moisturize to speed healing. If your skin is cracking you can get an infection. It is no different than getting a cut. People in burn units are never allowed to let their skin dry up and crack, their skin is kept moist & they are put in water everyday to speed healing & reduce scarring. Having been "burned" by poison plant oils is no different. Any good quality skin cream will do but do not use vaseline or mineral oil products as it smothers the pores. Your best best would be an organic healing cream such as Shea Butter or any tropical butters, Pure Vitamin E cream or oil, Pure Aloe Vera (not the cheapo kind--it is not effective)or Emu Oil (can be found on the web) These products actually heal while they moisturize because they contain vitamins & minerals that are proven to penetrate and heal skin. After you are healed, you can use these products to keep your skin looking great. Good luck! [email protected]

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