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vocal cord irritation from poisin ivy?

Subject: vocal cord irritation from poisin ivy?
Author: Jim G
Date: 8/3/2006 0:52 am
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I have a poisin ivy rash on my feet as usual in summer. I also have a chronic vocal cord irritation which a doctor has confirmed. It's possible I have been exposed to airborn urushiol as I have been clearing the woods of weeds, using a chainsaw, and burning the brush, perhaps some of the ivy. There are other probable causes for the vocal cord irritation such as acid reflux (for which I take medicine/avoid coffee,etc.), other allergies, but could this be part, perhaps the larger contibutor to my problem? This has been a problem for two years almost continuously, worse, it seems in summer, when I work in the brush where I get the poisin ivy skin rashes. Can it cause this problem and stay in my system causing this problem for so long? Thank you

vocal cord irritation from poi (Approved)Jim G8/3/2006 0:52 am