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Subject: Noxzema
Author: Heidi
Date: 8/8/2006 1:16 pm
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Ok, still experimenting with this, but last night while in the shower, I always use Noxzema on my face. The label claims to dissolve oils so I thought, hmmmm, maybe....I scrubbed it all over my chest and stomach where I'm broke out the most with PI (going on 8 days now and no sign of relief with all the topical creams I have used including cortizone, Ivy Dry, and Caladryl) well I rubbed it in and scrubbed it hard and let it sit for a few minutes (yes it burned) but after I washed it off I went to bed and slept peacefully with no itching for the first time since I broke out. This morning, my chest looks almost totally healed. Stomach still bothering me, but not nearly as bad.
I still have bad spots on my hands and legs, so going to try it on them today after I buy some more.
Let me know if this works for anyone else, maybe it's just me.

Noxzema (Approved)Heidi8/8/2006 1:16 pm
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