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Climb Tall pine /help!

Subject: Climb Tall pine /help!
Author: Ann
Date: 8/13/2006 3:51 pm
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My 17 year old son, while camping with his cousin, got a football caught in a tall pine in northern Illinois. He was boosted up to reach the first limbs. The pine was covered with a vine so much so that you could not see the trunk of the tree. The ball was about 40 feet up. As he proceeded to climb the vine (PI or PO) was in his way so all the way up he ripped at the vine snapping the vines in order to get a good grip. He climbed like a monkey grasping with his hands and legs wrapped all the way around the tree and vine. He did get the football. Needless to say it is no laughing matter. He has this awful stuff EVERYWHERE. He is miserable. He is swollen and does have some of the black spots mentioned in other posts. He looks like a tomato. Dr. said to give it a week and if it doesn't begin to get better call back. That was two days ago and he is much worse. He climbed the tree on 8/8/06 (Tuesday) and didn't start itching or breaking out till 8/9/06 (Wednesday). Today is 8/13/06 and he looks HORRIBLE. We have already gone through several tubes of hydrocordizone, Aveeno bath, and he nearly overdosed on the benadryl. We cut the benadryl out and today we bought the Zanfel. Doctor said he would use steroids only as last resort. Any advice would be helpful. ANY ADVICE! Also, why was my doctor so reluctant to use steroids? Is there harm in doing so???

Climb Tall pine /help! (Approved)Ann8/13/2006 3:51 pm
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