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question on poison ivy

Subject: question on poison ivy
Author: MACEDO
Date: 8/17/2006 10:35 am
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well, I was just wondering because on the myth fact sheet it said that you cannot get poison ivy or sumac or oak from another person....however I have not been outside near any plants or near anything, only my husband has, and it appeared that he had it on his foot and maybe other places, but I was not sure. and a few days later (hint this is my first time ever developing anything-I know you can become allergic at anytime.) but I began waking up with what appeared to be a mosquito bite, but I near I had nto been in contact with any, and then I got a few more, and now I have about 10 maybe spread it random places from one arm, to my other, lower stomach, and below my breast line and believe it or not in between my buttcheeks a rash developed too...It is extremely itchy esp if I touch it, and I began putting calamine lotion on (the clear) and it still itches. Could this be poison ivy or sumac, or oak????

question on poison ivy (Approved)MACEDO8/17/2006 10:35 am
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