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Re: Dogs w/ Poison Oak

Subject: Re: Dogs w/ Poison Oak
Author: Visitor
Date: 8/27/2006 2:58 pm
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I have a Black Lab, and we're looking after this other dog who is a mix of all sorts of things. there was no trace that they had poison oak, but they were in our old chicken coop which i just remembered had poison oak in it!!! so i went inside and washed my legs, arms and hands, then twenty minutes took a shower. But, i got it. On my face, collar bone, and a little on my shoulders. I just hope that's all I get.
I don't think there is a way to see if your dog has poison oak. but, my brother pet the dogs the next day (he's like me, he gets poison oak terribly) and he didn't get it!!! i've been trying to avoid the dogs as much as possible, but since they're insane, i can't really help it. and i haven't gotten it worse, thank god!!
so maybe the oil goes away after a day!! XD.

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