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Re: Can poison ivy change to PUPP?

Subject: Re: Can poison ivy change to PUPP?
Author: Prego Mommy
Date: 9/4/2006 10:10 pm
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I am soooo glad (but very sorry for your misery!) that someone else is thinking that this is a possibility. I am only 6 weeks pregnant, but I contracted poison ivy about the same time that I conceived. It started to clear up, but then came back a little, and now I have little red itchy bumps all down my forearms that will not go away... after researching and researching and going to my family doctor three time I am going to make a dermatologist appt tomorrow... but I was wondering if, even though my pregnancy is so new, if the poison ivy somehow caused PUPP too? I never had any of these problems during my first pregnancyt, so I have no clue what to think! If anyone has an answer... please help!

Can poison ivy change to PUPP? (Approved)Bronagh8/1/2006 3:03 pm
  Re: Can poison ivy change to P (Approved)Prego Mommy9/4/2006 10:10 pm