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detoxify urushiol

Subject: detoxify urushiol
Author: radcrab
Date: 4/29/2007 2:56 pm
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A pine tree in our back yard is about 60 feet high and densely covered by a poison ivy vine. The main stalk is 3-4 inches in diameter. I cut a segment out with a bow saw and pried the chunk out. The vine is far too tall to spray more than about 10% of the leaves. What to do? If we cut the tree down all that poison ivy oil will be all over our yard. Is there any way to neutralize the oil either now or after the vine has died? Is there any product we can apply to the cut stalk that might help kill the roots? I am sure we will have to respray new shoots for several years.
Incidentally, if poison ivy rash occurs on the face or other sensitive areas or areas subject to frequent abrasion, a course of low dose prednisone under the direction of a doctor knowledgeable in its use can avoid misery, scarring, and the high risk of secondary infection. I am an MD and have prescribed this regimine numerous times with no adverse reactions worse than the adverse reaction to the oil.

detoxify urushiol (Approved)radcrab4/29/2007 2:56 pm