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Ate a leaf when I was a kid...

Subject: Ate a leaf when I was a kid...
Author: Kat
Date: 5/3/2007 9:06 pm
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And I've never had Poison Ivy...Until now that is! But I'm not sure it is poison ivy. The rash and oozing blisters definitely look like it. I posted that I had weedeated in shorts, may have gotten into some PI, and had my 1st reaction about 4 weeks ago. I did heal and have since located and removed all the poison ivy from my yard carefully, and threw the clothes I wore away along with the plants. I weedeated my poison-ivy-free yard again (in shorts because I'm a moron)...and washed with Tecnu repeatedly. I never saw ANY poison ivy. The next morning I woke up with the itchy rash and blisters. Its been a really dry year and the plant saps are probably very concentrated. But I did NOT get into poison ivy, oak, or sumac. I did not touch anything that could have had the oil on it, and furthermore I've never had PI before. Anyway, I did cut privet, milkweeks, hogweed, virginia creeper, honeysuckle vines, dandelions, and probably many others. Can these plants cause reactions also?

I have noticed how when I weedeated PI in the past, I would see black spots from the oil drying into a resin. Other plants sem to do this too...so I was thinking if a person can be allergic to the urishiol oil, then its possible to be allergic to other -plant saps/oils as well.

Ate a leaf when I was a kid... (Approved)Kat5/3/2007 9:06 pm
  Re: Ate a leaf when I was a ki (Approved)Stephanie5/17/2007 3:52 pm