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Re: poison oak in the ear

Subject: Re: poison oak in the ear
Author: L.B. Eads
Date: 1/5/2009 7:49 pm
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oh honey, my sympathies. I am just waddling through my worst case of this mess in eons. It started on my left ear, behind it. I think my sweet kitty gave it to me when he was snuggling a couple weeks back....only way I can think that I got it there.

Anyways, what I use, when I first feel that "familiar itch" coming on....bleach. OR, if you don't want to smell like Clorox, I also use Seabreeze, the astringent stuff for your face. After a good blast from a hot shower, I hit it with the Seabreeze. Stings like crazy because your pores are wide open, BUT it really has helped me with the itchfest this go round. That and some Benadryl.

It moved from my ear to my face (I was really lovely on Christmas morning-ughhh) and now it is on my hands and in between my fingers. I have a spot in my backyard that my critters are getting into, yet I can not find it. No leaves in the winter! YahhhhH! I will keep searching and HOPEFULLY will find it soon.

Good luck with your episode. As i said, and I think I speak for all of us who break out like crazy just looking at this stuff, you have my sympathies.

Lisa in Dallas

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