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IVY OFF is the cure!

Subject: IVY OFF is the cure!
Author: Adam
Date: 10/15/2010 9:22 pm
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Here's my story. It's a good one and I guarantee it will cure any poor soul who is suffering from the effects of poison ivy. The very beginning of August, 2010 I contracted poison ivy from doing brushwork in my yard by a nearby creek. This was my first bout with poison ivy and it was the WORST thing I have ever experienced. I didn't begin noticing any symptoms until about a week after contact, however, when I did I suffered with them for about two weeks straight. The symptoms appeared fast and furious and I tried everything from Zanfel, calamine lotion, tea tree oil, jewelweed, hydrocortisone creams, oatmeal baths, rubbing alcohol, vitamin E, etc., however, these remedies relieved my symptoms, but never eliminated them completely. I desired a quick cure since I was beginning graduate school soon and did not want any lingering effects. Then, After reading about all of the recommendations for IVY OFF on this website, I purchased it after speaking to the inventor of it on the phone and he assured me that it would work and HE WAS RIGHT! I followed the instructions exactly as they were written and I washed my entire body. I felt immediate relief and my body felt different after using this product (as if the poison had been washed away). The itching reduced considerably, however, it didn't go away completely. The difference is that when I itched after using IVY OFF it did NOT exacerbate the rashes, and instead the rashes healed on their own. I am so thankful for this product, there was no need for the doctors, and I highly recommend this product for anyone suffering with the dreadful effects of poison ivy. Thank you IVY OFF! ~Adam

IVY OFF is the cure! (Approved)Adam10/15/2010 9:22 pm
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