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Re: How to submit feedback

Subject: Re: How to submit feedback
Author: Sandra Baker
Date: 7/24/2012 3:53 pm
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The way Betsy wrote about worked for me 3 times now, after trying over 20 times on various posts.
Here is a tutorial that might help those who donít know terminology.

1. Try to send your message the regular way.
2. If it is rejected, go back like the message says.
3. Highlight your message, and go to edit>copy.
4. Refresh your page. (on a mac, it is where you write in a website name-- to the right, the arrow curving in a circle.
5. Retype your name.
6. In the now empty message page, go to edit>paste, so that your message is back.
6. Type in the new code, and send.

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